video marketing

Video solutions for corporate events (video marketing)

In recent years, the majority of marketing specialists claim that promotion strategies can no longer exist without video content.
Video marketing increases interest and can very easily trigger feelings and experiences. A story-based well-structured video content can cause unique emotions in the target audience.

Here are some of the advantages of the video promotion:
- increases the brand confidence
- arouses the curiosity of buyers
- gains the confidence of the client
- shows the brand's funny side

The video presentation is an excellent advertising method for your business. Video clip can be promoted on several platforms, whereby it can be used on the Internet, television networks or multimedia projections and presentations etc. A substantial increase in the usage of different types of video clips have been noted lately, which represents an opportunity in the world of business. A presentation film is a very good sales instrument, a very attractive and funny way to present and display your business in just a few minutes.

Our field of activity also includes other types of corporate specific filming: press conference, seminars, product presentations, workshopsetc.

Prices vary according to the complexity of the filming process and the equipment which is necessary for its performance.